Mar 26, 2021

New adventures with North Fjord

No blogpost in a while!😐😅 Crazy how time flies but I'd love to do a bit of a update here regarding our beloved North Fjord Shop! If you don't know what I'm talking about YET : it's organic clothing for everyday adventures + now we have Preset Packs available to enhance all the adventures with craazy good images for social media.

Fresh from the camera, our spring photos to feel North Fjord the vibe!

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Feb 10, 2020


Two weeks ago we packed our things with Rasmus and his family and headed on a little family trip to Himos, Finland.  It was a three-day trip and was filled with fun activities. Just before Christmas I spoke with his mom about that I have been wanting to go someplace more north with a lot of snow and few weeks later I got this letter from Himos that we could do this together. I had never been there so it sounded like a great plan! :)

Right after we arrived, we had planned a husky farm visit. It is called McAhon husky farm ( find it HERE ).  They had over 40 happy pups and we got a chance to go on a husky-ride safari as well. I had never tried it and it was sooo much fun!! 😍We got to 'harness' the dogs and pet them and spend time with them. They also shared loads of fun facts about the dogs.

On the next day after breakfast we went to try out Arctic floating. They give you this fully water- and coldproof suit, that it big and looks weird. Then you put this on and go into the ice cold water. You have to kind of squeeze the air out of your suit once you are in. It's super strange feeling, haha. You can also try to walk on the thin ice and fall through. It's actually pretty funny thing to do with the suit on as you never know when you'll fall but you'll be still fully safe. These suits are used by the rescuers that drop down from the helicopters into  the water to save people. Anyhow.. it was the sooo much fun again. Aand it was so amusing to see Rasmuses little brother ( 11 ) wearing grown ups suit - he looked and moved like some weird cartoon character. 😃Find more about the Arctic Floating HERE 

During these two days we ate tons of pizza, enjoyed SNOW ( omg I loved it the most ) and went onto the slopes. There were so many different slopes to choose from and you we rented our equipment also from there. Their team was quick and super helpful. I will drop a link to them here as well - HERE. It was a true winter wonderland.

On the last day, just before heading back we went to Nurmolandia Animal Farm. It was like a tiny zoo with some awesome happy animals like donkeys, goats, cows, horses, sheep, bunnies,  chicken and so on. :) It was cool to feed them and pet them and get to know a bit more about them. The goats where the coolest because all they wanted to do was to follow us around. They were adorable!!😍

Himos was great! It you want to find out more about the accommodations and all the fun things you can do  - find it HERE & HERE! 
Oh and - just to give you heads up - they have this special price in this winter holiday  - a cottage for 6 persons / 3 nights / from 295 €. Go check it out! 😍😍

Sep 20, 2019


Long time no blogpost. I have way too much 'longer talk' to share here but I am currently decorating my new home ( I moved  from Tartu back to Tallinn )so this will be the main topic for the next few posts here. Today I wanted to share my finds from H&M Home. After visiting Morocco I was so in love with all the colors & the vibe so I changed my home thoughts from modern/minimal to this. As the apartment originally is  rather  modern,  I kind of have  to combine these two.

From H&M home I found my perfect kitchen items, bedroom sets and some other bits and pieces for the whole apartment to fit my home perfectly. It was truly hard to choose because.. fun fact, I've been dreaming on decorating my own home since I was little so I didn't want to mess anything up ( by picking items that don't actually match ).

I need so much more  furniture - receiving some this weekend. After this, I need to go shopping for the bed frame aaand couple of chairs.  If you have any good tips on these ones, let me know!

Btw, the hand wash product I am holding on one photo has now been my favourite for years. It's also from H&M and it's organic in white tea and peppermint scent. It smells like white tic-tac ( I actually seriously would love to have this in perfume form, haha  ).

Jul 31, 2019


Our trip to Morocco was nothing close to regular chilled vacation. We decided to try everything that Marrakech has to offer - starting from their best restaurants and ending with their known activities. Triinu was pretty good at finding the perfect places - we had no boring moments at all during the whole trip. Quad bike ride was one of our favourite memories - partly because of the surroundings, dust and epic views but also because we had literally crazy tourguide touring there with us. When he gave us the rides leading the quad bike, we were literally terrified and afraid about our lives. Triinu ended up with tons of bruises on her bum. :D But what a good memories we made.. loved every second of it!!

Both wearing Tommy Jeans / @denimdreamstores

Mar 8, 2019


It took me few good weeks to gather all the material and search through several hard drives because I use to didn't like to perfectly sort my files. But yay, my new website with loads of samples of content I've created is now DONE! Also, my presets can be now found on

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Jan 29, 2019


Nüüd korraks paar sammu tagasi. Instagrami vahendusel olen juba North Fjord'ist rääkinud aga nüüd siin kõigest sellest lähemalt. Niisiis on meil soon to be released kõige inspireerivam projekt, mille kallal ma kunagi töötanud olen. Kaks aastat tagasi sündisid meie hingeks olevad karakterid ( neist peagi lähemalt ). Pärast seda oli suuuur hunnik sämpleid, ideid, magamata öid( siis kui peas on nii palju põnevaid ja erutavaid mõtteid, et on raske uinuda) ja enda arendamist uute teadmistega. Selle aasta alguses sai tiim omale juurde imelise inimese - Triinu, kes teab tõesti väga palju kangastest, 'moest' ja rõiva kvaliteedist. Ta on juba pikka aega olnud mulle üks lähedasemaid inimesi ja kuna oleme varemalt ka koos töötanud, teadsin tema usinust ja headust ja oskust hästi suhelda. Paar nädalat tagasi sai meie koostöö North Fjordis allkirjadega kinnitatud ja voila, off we go! See sõit on juba praegu meie jaoks eelkõige inspireeriv ja lõbus ja piire ületav. Oleme jõudnud lähedale ja ei jõua ära oodata, et ka sina selle seiklusega kaasa tuleks!
Me usume, et riided peavad eelkõige olema imelise kvaliteediga, vastupidavad ja esindama väärtusi mis on TÄNA olulised:

1) Teadmine, et elu on TÕELISELT ELAMISEKS - period. Ma usun, et meil kõigil on võimalus oma ande ja oskusega nautida iga päeva, olles iseenda kõige õnnelikum versioon. Olen täiesti veendunud, et see ei ole ulme - see on reaalsus, mille me kõik saame omaks võtta. Hulljulgus, lapselik meel, reisimine, muusika ja inspireerivad inimesed on selle osaks ja lisavad sinna lõppu veel suurema rohelise linnukese. 🌊😍🏄
2) Me tahame end tunda mugavalt sealjuures välimuses kompromisse tegemata.
3) Põnev isiklik stiil ja kuvand on tänaseks päevaks saanud vajalikuks edu osaks niiii paljudel aladel.
4) And last but not least -Riiete loomine, mis on osati või üleni valmistatud sustainable kangastest ( sealjuures ALATI hoides kõrget kvaliteeti) on täna must-have.

Mis on North Fjord - clothing for wilderness and everyday adventures.
& we simply just want to make good stuff

Paar nädalat tagasi lendasime Triinuga Londonisse, kus toimus tekstiilimess. See oli meie esimene ametlik business trip ja oli 100% produktiivne ja eelkõige inspireeriv! Leidsime uusi põnevaid lahendusi projekti paremaks elluviimiseks. Lisaks kõigele sain ma esimest korda tutvust teha Londoniga - Triinu, mu hea sõbranna Leane ( kes juba pikemat aega Londonis elab ) ja Birgit ( kes on minu ja Triinu endine töökaaslane H&M'i aegadest ja kes nüüd samuti Londonis elab ) olid toredad kaaslased õhtute põnevaks muutmiseks!

Enam ei ole palju jäänud! Et olla esimene, kes uudiseid kuuleb ja olla osaks NorthFjord'ist, saab seda teha Instagrami vahendusel: