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Tänane õhtu oli lihtsalt maagiline. Otsustasime viimasel hetkel, et lähme ikka päikeseloojanguks kesklinna Louvre juurde. Parim otsus üldse!
Esiteks oli muuseumi lähistel üks mees tšelloga, kes mängis kõige imelisemaid klassikalisi muusikapalu. Päike oli just loojumas ja pildistasime seal lähedal. Kõik oli nii imelise vibe-ga. Mul ei lähe see küll kunagi meelest. Muidugi kogunes sinna veel mitmeid inimesi tema muusikat ja päikeseloojangut nautima.

Pisut hiljem liikusime Louvre püramiidi juurde pildistama ja siis astus minu juurde neiu oma noormehega, et uurida kas olen blogija. Ta oli ise kohalik blogija ja tuli lähedale, et tutvust teha. Ta olevat kohe aru saanud, et ma just sellega tegelen. :D
Rääkisime pikalt sellel teemal ja leppisime kokku, et järgmine kord Pariisi külastades kohtume kindasti ja teeme ägedad plaanid. Nii tore, et ta poisssõber julgustas teda ligi astuma. :) Sellised kohtumised on kõige põnevamad! 

We had the most magical night. We decided to head out for the sunset and we could be more happier we did so. So at first - there was this man playing cello near us the whole time we were there. He played some really amazing musical pieces and we really enjoyed it. Needless to say that there were loads of others who came there to listen. He was sooo good.
This place was so magical and so breathtaking. :) I will remember it forever. 

Also - there was this girl with her boyfriend who came by to ask what I was doing. She was curious to know if I was a blogger - it turned out she was a blogger as well. It was so much fun to hear about local blogger and we had a really good chat about it. :) I will definitely come back to Paris to meet her in the future! So happy she came by to talk to me ( thankies to her boyfriend who encouraged her, haha ). 

Ooh, and btw, thank you AirBaltic for bringing us here. Today really showed me what Paris is all about. 

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We had an amazing day here today. The weather was hot and summery, loved it! :)

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 Top - Forever21     /    Pants - H&M     /     Hat - Zara men     /     Bag - RESERVED (click)



We made it to Paris. Got here with AirBaltic and our trip was way too comfy. :) Got here last night and we still had some time to explore around near our hotel. I hope you all had an amazing midsummer celebrations. I saw all the pictures of those campfires we missed with Raido. Hopefully we are going to have our own when we get back to Estonia. So now we'll stay here for four days to enjoy this amazing city and explore around. 

Today we did some sightseeing around here and saw all these places we had seen on movies and everything. Looooveeely! :)  

OOHHH, and there was gay parade taking place in the city today. It was so huge but so much fun. Felt like a party. People were dancing and celebrating. I'm so sad that I didn't take my camera out, haha. :D

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How are you guys doing? What are you up to? Any awesome plans for the summer that you'd like to share with everybody? :) Sadly we had to cancel our yacht trip yesterday as the weather wasn't too good. Luckily we got to book it onto next week. It's going to be good night for sure!! 

Tomorrow is going to be soooo exiting -we have to pack our suitcases for Paris. We'll stay there only for four days but it's sure worth it. We have never been to France before. :) We have some good plans but we still have so many things to do. Have to find a good place to rent a car as I probably stay on my feet for all day long ( maybe you can suggest good car rental-places? ). 

Oh and btw, today I died my hair ''rose gold'' again. I looooved it last time but it faded away kind quickly. I think it's perfect for the summer so I just had to get it back. I'll make sure to share some pics soon!



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