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Aug 18, 2018


Long time no blogpost! It's even weird for me to start typing this one but I'll try my best as I have sooo much to show & talk about!
We just got back from Kazakhstan and it was one epic adventure. We for sure did not know what to expect. It was really in fact one really random decision - I wanted to go someplace new and saw Almaty, Kazakhstan marked as a new destination on AirBaltic website. So why not, right? :D I did some research and off we go!

It was actually kind of shocking that nobody spoke English there. Not even at the info desk at the airport. Our first day started off with our rental car being randomly cancelled (while we were flying) and couldn't connect to local wifi networks at the airport. We then got to the shop we could buy internet sim card that was actually pretty cheap ( 3-4€ for 4GB of internet ). After we managed to get Uber we didn't find our hotel and finally got there 4-5 hours later. 

Throughout our trip, we tried to communicate trough google translate and the only person who really spoke English was the guy working at the reception of our hotel. So he helped us A LOT with Russian language - he even helped us rent a new car and suuuuper nicely shared information regarding traffic and locations. He really saved our trip! So if you go, you just really have to have someone with you who speaks Russian.

We decided to rent a car for three days but ended up using it for two days as we were not really confident to drive there. It was hectic and didn't seem to have much to do with any rules. As we read from this comment on Google - Kazakhstan traffic is like a video game and you just got to play along. :D haha! We'll said!

After all - we went there for an AMAZING nature this place has to offer. Crazy high mountains, blue lakes and just this location by itself was the reason we decided to go there. And it was SO worth it. Highest location for us was 3200m (our new record) and these views....ahhhh!!

I would highly suggest to spend time in their sky resorts that were really tourist-friendly with lovely restaurants. So if I'd ever go back to Kazakhstan, it would be for snowboarding with my friends on these beautiful mountains and chilling at the resorts.

Huuge thanks to AirBaltic - this was an real adventure!! Had the best time ( & best food as always ) at the airplane and yet again - super helpful cabin crew!

Can't wait for another adventure!

Jun 5, 2018


Pure happiness at Venice Beach, LA

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This night was eeeeppiiiic! I mean the sunset was amazing but these streets came alive when it was all covered with lights at the nighttime. 

It was a huge surprise for me that the ''walk of fame'' wasn't just one road with some stars on it, it was a full area & all streets covered with different famous names. It was fun to search for the ones I knew and wanted to take a picture with. :D Like a weird game..

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Jun 4, 2018


Favorite travelling gear


Pirita surf club hosted Nyx Cosmetics event last week that was really the perfect start for upcoming festival season. They had a station for street food, glittery makeup and amazing colourful braids. Loooove events like that and I was happy to see my friends and all other amazing girls who came to this event. 

I got to try long blue braids and oh my gosh I felt like a mermaid!


I was asked to shoot RedBull summer party and I totally loved it! Even tho after long night out I woke up after 3 hours of sleep and I could not sleep no more because I wanted to edit these images so badly. Haha.. :D