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May 16, 2018


This was definitely the most beautiful sunset I've ever witnessed. Sky changed every minute showing us all these crazy colors.

Venice Beach, Los Angeles. 

May 7, 2018


One of my fav days so far! These pics are taken at Big Sur, California. What an amazing place! And I have a pretty cute story involving this pizza as well. :D

So when I was little, we had this fairy book at home. Inside this book, there where tons of ''real'' sketches of different types of fairies and some of them where flying around with hummingbirds. SO we ordered this pizza and right after I picked it up I saw my first ever hummingbird in real life drinking nectar from a flower. I literally screamed and my mouth fell open ( Raido thought I was hurt or something ). Happy I didn't drop that pizza..

And yes, I knew they existed but.. you know. :D

I seriously felt like I saw a mythological creature. Haha! And my heart was still racing like one hour after. :D Long story short - I wasn't prepared for meeting one.

Long road trip still ahead so CocaCola & Pizza will be our perfect meal

May 5, 2018


I really do like brands who take some steps to be slightly better. I am now sharing one!

Wearing some pieces from Monton newest collection that was born with good cause to always bare in mind that changing even tiny things in our everyday lives can be slightly better for the environment and nature around us. Be you, be happy and be better you along the way! That is what this collection is all about! :)

I do have a discount code for you as well - with code ITI20 you can get 20% off from your purchase from Monton web store! This code is valid until the end of May!

Denim skirt -  HERE  /  Pink blouse - HERE  /  White T-shirt - HERE

May 4, 2018


Wow! One of my favourite views ever! Right after we got on top of that cliff, we saw two huge whales playing around in the ocean! It was amazing and I had never seen anything like this.
My bikini from - HERE

Pirates Cove Beach, California

May 3, 2018


Need vaated on saanud minu lemmikuks! Pole raske leida 'seda ideaalset kohta', see on lihtsalt igal pool. Kui sõidad mööda rannikuäärt, tekib vajadus peale igat kümmet meetrit peatuda ja ringi vaadata...

I am obsessed with these views. And it's not even rare to find ''that perfect spot'' it's just everywhere and you kind of want to stop after every 10 meters when driving along the coastline.

Showing you my two fav looks I got from H&M. 
Bikini - H&M          /         Dress - H&M

Paar kiiret pilti Venice Beach'ilt. Me peatusime kolmeks ööks ühes ülimalt põnevas hotellis, mis oli rannast ainult 10 minuti jalutustee kaugusel. Niisiis juba sellepärast veetsime seal rannas ka enamus ajast.

See bikiini-set on mõnus ja üks mu hetke lemmikumat värvi ( Royal green ) aga ma lihtsalt pidin ainuüksi selle vibe pärast need pildid mustvalgeks tegema, haha :D

Quick snaps at Venice beach. We stayed at one of the coooolest hotels I've ever been to and luckily  only 10 minute walk away from the beach. Just had to be these at all times.  
That set I'm wearing here is super soft and nicest royal green color but I just had to make these pics B&W (for the vibe, haha ) :D...