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Closer look

Today delivery guy woke me up and I got this huge package from him:-). It was from Avon and when I opened it, I was super happy. I got many items that I just had ran out of. 
Thanks Avon!

Täna äratas mind kuller ja sain Avonilt ühe suure paki :). Kui ma selle avasin, olin väga positiivselt üllatunud kuna sain palju asju, mis just otsa olid saanud. Nüüd tuleb varsti ka uus Avoni giveaway, et te ka ikka jõuludel midagi kingituseks saaks :). Aitäh Avon!
Also wanted to remind you that until December 24th, you have a chance to get 15% off from all Daniel Wellington watches with this code :'' XMASITI '' :) Sa make sure you use it before it's too late! These watches look amazing!




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