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New babies

Spring is coming and I have this huge shoe-madness going on. I got my new babies today - I got to choose between colourful Nike Air Max shoes and these Air Max Thea's and I chose these as I already ordered white casual Air Max-es. I am super happy and they look so cool. Can't wait to do some outfit photos for you.

Kevad on tulekul ja mul on mingi jõhker ketsi-hullus peal. Sain omale täna uued nunnud. Valisin värviliste Nike Air Max'ide ja helesiniste Air Max Thea'de vahel ja valisin lõpuks need kuna mul valged Air Max'id on juba postiga teel :). Tahaks juba outfiti-pilte nendega teha ;). They look so cool!




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