Jun 4, 2014

Instagram update

It's time for another Instagram update! Come and follow me @itiiij! That way you can always see my newest updates!:-)

1. Palm trees from Barcelona. Just this lovely reminder:-)  /   2. Last shot from this lovely photoshoot with Jevgeni /  3. My new love. I am so happy that I made this decision and I can truly recommend MacBook Air :-)   /   4. Jep, another shot from my shoot with Jevgeni
5.  Apartment where I am staying right now. It's amazing! :-)  /   6. I try to run every night. It feels so good afterwards. It feels even better, if you have these colourful running shoes.  /   7.  Some random stuff from one day - VitaminWell,  New In from RI ,  ERKI    /   8.  And this lovely pic.. :)!

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