Aug 9, 2014

Instagram update

It's been so long since my last update. These pics here are mostly from my time in Helsinki. I miss it so much and hopefully I can go back in few weeks. It just perfect place for bloggers. There's always something to do or places to go. City looks so nice with photoshoot-spots everywhere.

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Viimasest uuendusest on möödas juba mitu kuud. Allolevad pildid on peamiselt minu ajast Helsingis. Ma igtsen seda linna väga ja loodan, et saan sinna mõne nädala pärast tagasi minna. See on blogijatele lihtsalt ideaalne koht. Alati on paikasi, kus pilte teha ja kohti, kuhu minna. 

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1.  This one is from my second day back in Estonia. I took time off and sat down in a restaurant. I sent some e-mail and just inspired myself with some Tumblr. / 2. I got Canon EOS 6D Mark III from Canon's Helsinki showroom. I tested it for a week and this picture is from the time when Grete and Adeline were visiting me. We had so much photo-gear all over my apartment. :) This camera was so amazing that I am actually considering buying one. / 3. That bicycle! Hottest thing ever. / 4. My girls! We were supposed to do another shot together with Henri (who took that picture ), as he was wearing shorts and striped shirt like Adeline is wearing. We looked so similar by accident and it was so cute!
5. This was from my fist working-day in Estonia and this is what I had with me that day. / 6.That shot! Best leg-picture in the world and most definitely my favorite Instagram shot. This was a hot morning at my apartment in Helsinki and we were listening to some great songs. We had just finished our breakfast with Adeline, Grete and Henri. Soon we headed out and had an amazing Saturday. / 7. This is a bit older picture with some gear I got from Canon Showroom. This camera was good but not as good as the one I got afterwards. / 8. Fresh smoothie with mint taste! Most special one I've ever gotten.
9. Out having our breakfast.  / 10. Shot from the day my sweet mom visited me. Picture is taken just before heading to Summer Sound 14! I'm still getting chills when I hear some of these songs they played there. Such a good memory.  / 11. It's rare to see a picture of me with my eyeglasses on. / 12. Finnish skate-shops are amazing!


  1. Awwhh, you are amazing! xx

  2. Anonymous8/09/2014

    Kui (peegelkaameraga) pilti teed, kas kasutad alati manuaalset programmi/fokusseerimist pildistamiseks või auto programmiga teed ka? :)

    1. Programm on manuaalne alati aga enamjaolt fokusseerin automaatselt (kuna mu silmanägemine pole väga hea).