Sep 28, 2014

Find me on Instagram

It's time for an Instagram update! Here are some pics you can find from my IG! Find me : @itij!

1. This shot is taken in Tallinn @ Grete's and Adeline's place. I started to record a video of them after that and it really is the funniest thing you can find from my IPad. I'm laughing every time I'm seeing it. Fun times!  /  2. One shot from our photoshoot. Ghd curls and my DC sneakers are the winners.  /  3.  Polaroid pic from Halens event. You can also find similar one of us in this week's Kroonika.  4.Today's selfie!
5. My lovely kitchen! Love it!  /  6. We got our first TOMS shoes with Kristjan. We've been wanting these for ages and when we randomly saw them at ABC King, we just had to have them! Do you know that amazing story behind these shoes? When you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, TOMS will donate one pair for child in need! Find out more from here! It's amazing.  /  7. Pic from my visit to Lush store! Thanks for having me. I'll tell you more soon!  /  8. And the last one is my new baby! Most amazing straightener ever!


  1. Anonymous9/30/2014

    Mitte väga selle postitusega seotud, aga kust on pärit see awesome LA särk -

    & Su blogi on muidugi vinge! :)

    1. Heihei! See on päris Reservedist aga väga-väga ammu ostetud... ja aitäh! :)