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Snapshots from Riga fashion week

Surprise surprise - we are at Riga! It was a sudden decision - just yesterday we booked the hotel and bought our bus tickets. Right now we're enjoying a lovely morning in our hotel room. We just finished breakfast. 
We decided to come to Riga to visit Riga Fashion Week, especially QooQoo's show. But then hundred things happened so we made it to RFW when it had just ended. Luckily we still got tickets to visit two last shows and it was really nice! It was so much different from what we had here in Estonia. It was a glamorous event with great music and stylish people. Overall you could really feel the fashion week vibe. Ten points to RFW!

Üllatus-üllatus! Oleme Gretega Riias! See oli tõeliselt äkiline otsus - alles eile bookisime hotelli ja ostsime bussipiletid ja täna naudime hommikut oma hotellitoas. Just nüüd lõpetasime ka oma hommikusöögi. 
Otsustasime tulla Riia Fashion Week'ile, et näha QooQoo moeshow'd, kuid olukordade kokkulangemise tõttu jäime hiljaks ja jõudsime alles show lõpus kohale. Õnneks saime piletid ka kahele viimasele show'le, mis olid tõeliselt nauditavad. Eesti fashion week'ist erines see väga - jättis kordades professionaalsema mulje. Lisaks oli tõeliselt tunda seda õiget fashion week vibe'i!

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