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Christmas came early- sweet surprise from Lindex

So yesterday, couple of hours before midnight I got a letter that I have a package waiting for me. As I really hadn't gone out for the whole day, I decided to get up and see what I got! This one IS worth mentioning! That gift was from Lindex and right on point! I think they have really captured my style and I loved every last piece from the package. Also this gift came with a sweetest letter! :) Thank you for the best surprise!

You can see couple of the items that I received underneath.
All these garments belong to the Lindex pre-spring collection!

Eile õhtul tuli mulle sõnum, et mind on ootamas pakk. Kuna ma olin terve päeva kodus toimetanud, otsustasin ma sellele kohe järgi minna. See kingitus on täielikult mainimist väärt ja üks parimaid, mis kunagi saanud olen! Tegu oli kingitusega Lindex'ilt, mis sisaldas endas tooteid nende pre-spring kollektsioonist. Peale selle - iga riideese oli 100% mina! Olgem ausalt, mu naeratus oli eile kõrvuni!
Aitäh Lindex!

Siin on mõned esemed, mida pakike sisaldas.

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