Dec 17, 2014

Instagram update

Yep, I'll let you guys know that I am still most-active right now on my Instagram account so for the newest updatest I suggest you to check it out: @itij

1. Little after-work inspiration hour  /  2. The day I cut my hair off! I think I should have had then slightly longer but oh well, I'll get them back!  /  3. Just couple of days ago i received this sweet little bag with handwritten note from Maybelline - I got Baby Lips lip balms to try them out! Yep, they are now available in Estonia! I have already tried minty one and it is amazing! :)  /  4.  Picture from our morning in Riga, when we visited Riga fashion week with Grete!
5. Helsinki!  /  6. Picture from my Sunday morning. If the sun is out- it's most definitely a good morning!   /  7. Oooh! And this ''little'' goodebag is from Valio! They sent some bloggers to try out their new products! My favs where these little 2Go yogurts!  /  8. My Alexander Wang x H&M !

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