Jan 25, 2015


So on Friday I went to see my new apartment and I loved it! There's no furniture in my future apartment so we probably need to do some furniture-shopping really soon. I am probably moving at the end of this month( so in a week or so ). I have already chosen some pieces I'd like to see there.

I wanted to tell you about some awesome stuff. First of all - I just received my new clip-in hair extensions. I know many of you have asked where to get extensions with really good quality. The ones that I wore last year were from a website that didn't ship to Estonia anymore so I really didn't know what to recommend anymore. My new clip-ins are from Swedish website Rapunzel of Sweden . These are human hair in really good quality. Also It is super easy to choose the right color extensions - they are really the same color in real life as shown on the pictures. Mine are absolutely perfect match! This is the color that I chose. If you need to know more, just let me know! :)

I'd really like to share a new discount code for all Daniel Wellington watches! I just received my second DW watch and I love it! I think it also might be their most popular model right now. So go to and choose your favourite! To get 15% off from your purchase, you need to use this code : 1501iti
You can use this code until 15th of February! Make sure you get one before it's too late! :)

Just recently I have discovered the beauty of webstore shopping. No really- I used to get some stuff from webstores but now I think it's a lot better to shop online- you are getting really unique stuff and with really-really good price. Some of my favourites are Asos and Nelly. I just recently got this hoodie from HERE! It's also super fun to get a package! :)


  1. Super tuus pusa ja teine pilt meeldib väga! See taust ja redel ja sina!

  2. PS! Kui see on redel :D