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Mar 18, 2015


If you are an active reader of some Estonian bloggers, you might have already seen some of those pictures! For those who still don't know what I am talking about - nine popular bloggers from Estonia did a fashion show for Lindex new campaign #superrolemodel! We all styled our looks with items from their newest collection. It was so much fun and it really shows doesn't it?:)

Were you there to see the show? Did you like it?
Pildid : A. Altjõe


  1. Sa näed super välja! Ja teised blogijad ka muidugi :)

  2. Sul on superilus kimono seljas!! :)
    Ja ise ka kõik ilusad!

  3. I hope you had a great day :)
    Kiss from a portuguese blogger

    Note: I'm going to visit Estonia for my first time next month. I'm really excited and curious to meet the city. Kiss