Apr 7, 2015

So here is another Insta-update! Go-go-go and find me @itij! You sure will be seeing a lot more outfit &lifestyle photos.

Uus Insta-update! Mine ja leia mind @itij! Seal näed kindlasti veel rohkem moe- ja elustiilifotosi ja igapäeva snapshote! 

1.   A picture without mascara. Looks like totally different person I think!  Pilt minust ilma ripsmeduššita. Näeb täiesti teine inimene välja.   /   2.   Adeline's birthday lunch with Minnie shaped waffles! Yummmy!!  Adeline sünnipäevahommik Minni kujuliste vahvlitega! Nämm!   /   3.   A picture of me when I was seventeen.  #2013 Pilt minust kui olin seitseteist!   /   4.   Sun!  Päike!   /   5.   An outfit post from Sunday. I took some pictures for BambooBikes and Ade took a moment to take this shot in between! Oufiti pilt eelmisest pühapäevast. Ade võttis hetke, et teha minust kiire pilt. Olime just tunnikese veetnud Rotermannis BambooBikes'i jaoks pildistades.   /   6.   Aaand another selfie. Yup.  Ja veel üks selfie  .

As you can see- I have slightly changed my layout . I think that my old header really looked like ''old me'' so I felt that I should do change it. I hope to update my header as soon as possible! Until then, enjoy!

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