Apr 23, 2015


It's our last night in Italy and we are about to head out for our last pizzas and pastas. It has been so much fun and there are tons of photos on it's way to my blog. I think we are a great team together with Annika, Grete and Henri. There is a lot to learn from each other. Also, me and Grete are now speaking a lot more Finnish- with this one week it somehow happened. We are sitting around the table talking English, Finnish and Estonian! :D I've been super active on my Instagram account lately. If you haven't been following, here are some of my favorite pics from there! I am so happy that these three amazing brands were willing to join us. We had so much fun taking these pictures. I will tell you more soon.

Italy has treated us well and we got so much sun! It's hard to go back to Finland and Estonia. It has also been amazing to see so many guys with suits just casually walking on the streets, damn you Italy! Such an eye candy.

1. Night before our trip. I wore my Jumpin onesie while packing my stuff. What else could be that comfy?   /   2.Waiting for our taxi in Italy. It was soooo hard to get a taxi there so we had to use Uber alot.   /   3. At Henri's place in Helsinki. We got a huge package from Rapunzel with all these great tools for our hair! I'll tell you more soon!   /   4.My first purchase from Italy was this NAKED palette from Sephora. How did I manage to live without it?   /   5.Little selfie from today! Henri was taking outfit photos of Grete while this happened.   /   6.Our first and probably last salad here in Italy!   
7. We visited many stores today. These lamps from Nike store , niiiice!   /   8. ''Gear'' from Rapunzel Of Sweden! Besides their good looks, they are also amazing tools to work with!   /   9.Photo of Grete while on the plane.   /   10. This is how mostly our office looks like. Jumpins, MacBooks and fruits.  /   11.Our little planet in Vatican. This day was amazing!   /   12.Our little bird. :)

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