Apr 9, 2015


Today has been a great day! When my lunch started I got some amazing news I've been waiting for a really long time! I'll tell you more about the most important one really soon. But the second news- today we started a long-term collaboration with Nike! I've been in love with their items what seems like forever. I am so happy that from now on I can show you their newest items and coolest pieces! We are in both of these projects together with Grete and I am so-so happy to have her with me!

So today we visited Nike stores in Ülemiste and Viru shopping centres and we got to choose our favorite Air Max sneakers! I got my pair from Viru WMNS Nike and I chose classic looking white&gray kicks from a bit older collection actually. By the way, there wasn't much of those left ( there isn't much of those in Baltics, to begin with ) so if you want these, you should definitely hurry up!
Grete got hers from Men's new collection. They are soooo fabulous!

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