Apr 28, 2015



It's time for one of my outfits in Rome. I believe you have seen pieces of this look in my blog already. But still, here it is! Definitely one of my favorite pictures from Rome! :) 

As you can see in my previous post, my hair was a lot shorter than on the pictures seen underneath. I wore my Rapunzel of Sweden extensions throughout the whole trip. This is my easiest everyday accessory. I have had these for several months now and they still look amazingly glossy and silky. I have tried different natural hair extensions before and these truly stay good-looking for a longer period of time. Mines are in tone 18#. These are slightly colder toned than my actual color but if I clip them in my natural hair, they just blend in really well. It's also possible to dye them in your own unique color as these clips are made of natural human hair. 

 Link to my clip-in's -

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