Apr 18, 2015


So we arrived to Helsinki yesterday and it has been fun but super busy days in here. Yesterday when we got to Henri's place, we saw this huge box Rapunzel had sent us for our trip. There was much more that we could ever need- brushes, hair styling tools, clips, bobby pins, different clip in's and so on. You'll see everything really soon! :) Yesterday after our arrival I went through Canon showroom and got Canon 6D + wide angle lens for our trip to Rome. I was supposed to get my favorite 5D Mark III but there was a little misunderstanding with another blogger. Hope iI'll get along well with 6D.

Today was our shopping day and my good friend joined me and Grete today. It was so nice to see her again! We went through so many stores..twice. I actually didn't find much but overall I'm super happy I got something.
Some pieces from our time in here-
And these amazing nails by Jana!


  1. Anonymous4/18/2015

    Kust kohast see jakk pärit on?:)

    1. Nahast jaki sain ma emalt ja ta tellis selle kusagilt internetist. Not sure, kust täpsemalt. :)