Apr 21, 2015



So as you know, we are now spending a week in Rome. I am here with two other bloggers - Annika Ollila and Grete Link. We also have our good friend and great photographer Henri Juvonen with us to capture our special moments throughout the trip. Some of you have already asked what we are doing here. Well, we are here to take pictures for some brands and of course for our blogs.  It is nice to head  to different locations for photoshoots and just meet new people while doing it. We will continue with this! I hope that you enjoy our pictures and if you have any kind of questions just go ahead and ask! 

It's a new day and sun is already up high. I started my morning with some fresh air on the balcony and it was nice to see these small streets come alive. It's going to be a great day! Today we are also going to do getting ready video with my clip-in's and with some amazing tools from Rapunzel of Sweden! Find more from here -


  1. Nii mõnusa vaibiga pilt! Ei jõua juba ülejäänud Rooma pilte ja jutte ära oodata, loodan, et teil on cool reis!
    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

  2. Kas kasutate reisil clip-in või teip juuksepikendusi. Võiksite Gretega teha video, kuidas neid pagaldada juustesse ja rääkida täpsemalt, kuidas neid hooldada (pesta, sirgendada, lokitada). :)

    1. Video tuleb varsti :) Mina ja Grete kanname piltidel tõesti Rapunzel'i juuksepikendusi :)