Jun 9, 2015


Weekend has passed by driving around Estonia. On Friday we headed to Pärnu. We stayed in a local motel with Rauno and Märt and headed out to Viljandi on Saturday. It was sunny on daytime and we enjoyed campfire at night. It was really fun to travel around like this - without knowing where do we stay for the night or anything. Luckily everything turned out super good. We drove through my hometown on Sunday and then headed back to Tallinn. We were all super tired but it was so worth it.

Today I went out to eat with Hooligan Hamlet . We decided to finally get together with our group and talk a bit more about our plans for the future. I might share some pictures with you soon.

Also - the good news is that I can start posting some good stuff really soon. I am planning on buying my dream camera this week. I will tell you more really soon! Until then, some pictures from the past week. :)

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  1. Anonymous6/09/2015

    Sa oled nii vormis! :)))
    Toitumisest ja treeningust vms teeksid postituse? Kui jälgid, kuidas toitud ja teed trenni jne.