Jul 30, 2015


You've missed a lot if you are still not following me on my Instagram so make sure you check out my account @itij! :)

1.  New matte black nails that I love so much! Matte every time!  /  2.  Look of the day back when we where at Helsinki. I just loved this hotel bathroom - full black and white with white marble. Oh my.  /  3.  Last picture with this white cap. Something really bad happened to it. No, seriously.  /  4.  Surprise we got at Radisson Plaza hotel. This guy in a suit just walked in and put that stuff onto our table. Yep- champagne and fruits and tiny cakes.   /  5.  Comfiest bed ever.  /  6. Aand let me introduce you - this is my new baby! Canon 6D will be my toy for some time now. Still hope to get 5D Mark III as soon as possible. This will work almost as good in a mean while. 

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