Jul 19, 2015


My first time @ Positivus was so much fun! We just got back to Estonia and I have so much to tell you about. We headed out on Friday afternoon with Rauno and Mart. When we got in front of the motel where Mart booked a room, we decided to stay into a motel as well. We were a bit afraid that it will rain. Luckily it didn't but it was still good to sleep in a real bed and have a shower in the morning. 

Friday was amazing - I saw one of my favorite bands on the stage. I was a bit sad that they performed on the daytime. It would have been so much better if it was dark outside. Otherwise Jungle was great! 

Last night after our visit to Positivus, me and Rauno decided to head back to our motel. At first we were supposed to get back with Mart but he didn't want to leave yet so we thought to head back  by hitchhiking. As there wasn't many cars going by and we wore our onesies so we didn't look that ''serious'', there wasn't any car to pick us up. We ended up walking for 2,5 hours to Estonian border (ten kilometers). First 3-4 kilometers was full of stupid jokes and laughing but this ended really soon as we got super thirsty and tired. When we finally got to the border we quickly bought some sweet drinks as we weren't far from fainting out of dehydration. Then we got to our motel before nine in the morning and got to bed.

Today we started off by hitchhiking and got onto a car right after we raised our hands. We planned to head to Pärnu but as the driver was heading to Tartu, we decided to go to Viljandi instead. Today  we are visiting Rauno's grandmother and explored around Viljandi. Feels like a real vacation!

Overall this weekend was full of icecream, great music, lots of old friends and familiar faces. Were you at Positivus and what did you like the most about this year's festival?
Here are some pictures from my Friday @ Positivus festival.


  1. Väga head pildid taaskord, eriti meeldib teine pilt :)