Sep 9, 2015


Oh how busy I've been this week. I am literally not sleeping at all - mostly up to 4 hours per night. I can't wait this week to end already.. way too much to do. Still I think these things I'm putting my effort on right now, are totally worth it. Here are some pictures of this gray dress you've been all asking about. I got it from HERE and I just adore it! It's so casual yet feminine, but comfy. Even some people on the streets have come up to me to ask about it.
Also here are some snapshots of this Novelle taste-water that has been filling my fridge for the whole summer. Oh yes! This taste is definitely my favorite one from their waters. :)

But something related to these projects that I concentrated on right now - New week will be partly a ''total makeover'' week for me. I am visiting my hairdresser on monday and on tuesday I am heading to piercing salon for a secret stud, haha! Can't wait. :)


  1. So unfair! Mul on sama kleit aga see ei näe pooltki nii hea mu seljas välja. :D

  2. septumit ei olegi enam? :(

  3. Anonymous9/12/2015

    Hei! Mis kaameraga sa üldiselt oma pilte teed?

  4. Anonymous9/05/2016

    Sa oled imekaunis!!!
    Kas võib küsida, kust see imekaunis kleit pärit on? :)