Oct 13, 2015


Well, alot has happened again! Couple of days ago I turned 21. Feels too old! I think I'm going to stay 21 now for the rest of my life, just in case!

If you are following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I received these new eyeglasses from LINDBERG. But it's not just the glasses.. I have a little story with these. :)
For a while now I dreamt about thin see-through plastic framed eyeglasses. I had never seen a pair but it was still all I wanted. While visiting Helsinki with my friend, we walked by this eyeglass-store. I stopped at this very moment and stared at their window. There it was! My most favorite pair! Just couple of days ago I got my package with these babies. Looks so special yet feminine and interesting. Love from the first sight! 

I am wearing these most amazing clip-ins from Rapunzel Of Sweden! Last ones ( with blonde hair ) looked perfect for a good 8 months - would have lasted even longer if I hadn't curled them that often. :) Mines, in color Red Fire are from HERE! :)

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  1. Oo! See viimane pilt mulle meeldib! Midagi teistsugust :)