Dec 21, 2015

MY 2015

This year is soon to be over. I wanted to gather together some pictures to bring out some moments from it. 
I think it was my craziest year so far. 

In the beginning of the year I moved to Tallinn. I met so much new people and started to put even more effort into my blogging. Sooo.. I decided to get together some bloggers and did a little bloggers trip to Rome. It was super fun! Can't wait to head someplace new again with these people.

Loads of fun trips and my first tattoo would also be kinda nice to mention here. :-)
Rather happy that I experienced everything that happened to me. 

NOW - my life will get better month to month, year by year and I have so much more to tell you about in my upcoming blog posts. I'm super happy, that I have so many readers who are happy to see my new pictures and read my new posts. :) Thank you guys!


  1. Anonymous12/21/2015

    Sa oled tõsiselt kena neiu.. Võiksid piltidel rohkem naeratada ja sind ennast välja tuua :)

  2. Anonymous12/21/2015

    See on kõige parem blogi. Ma nutan Eesti vee alla kui sa peaks blogimise lõpetama.

  3. Anonymous12/21/2015

    Irw viimasele. :)

  4. Minu arust võiksid sa ka rohkem naeratada. Aga ikkagi 2016 aastat! :)

  5. Take. Me. Back. ! ... and that last one with coral blue(ish) backround !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!