Dec 21, 2015


My first month with MyFitness is soon to be over. It has been a successful and great month for me and I've learned a lot how my body works.

With my visits to gym ( 4 times in a week ) I have also started to eat really healthy. I eat sugar only once a week - on my cheat day on Sunday. I eat 3 proper meals and 3 little meals between so I eat six times in a day. I am cooking most of my meals and use only fresh and good ingredients.

With that one month, many things have changed. The bigggest change would be that I am almost free from strong acne that has been part of my life since forever. Now, for the first time ever, my back is almost clean. I mean, wow!

For the other change, my body feels a lot stronger and I feel that I have more energy than ever.
Can't wait to see where it goes! Goal is set.

Gym clothes - Nike Pro Newest collection. With it's small changes, will hit the stores really soon. 

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  1. Anonymous12/22/2015

    Tubli! Kas sul on treeningkava ? Ning kas käid jõukas või rühmatrennides?