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Here are some of my latest pictures.I've been working out for about two and a half months and so far it has been great. It has become part of my lifestyle and I can't go without it.

Why did I start training?

To be honest, it is all thanks to my boyfriend. When I met him, I didn't feel so good about how I looked. In summer I didn't really eat much as I had so much more to do. After that, I started to gain a lot of weight( as I started to eat again and body's natural reaction was to tun it into body fat) and from ''always that skinny girl'' I started to change into that average - ''not so skinny legs, not so pretty belly'' girl. It didn't feel good, it was below my standards for myself.

So I met my boy and he is one of those, who has been training for thirteen years. I wanted to be as good as he was. So from the day one, I went running, started to read about proper eating, started a stupid diet that maybe ruined my good start and really started to learn this kind of lifestyle.

I am not even close to my destination but I know, that in three months my body will be perfect. I will continue this lifestyle and I am so-so happy that I chose this journey.

But I must say, I couldn't be that far without my partners MyFintess & Nike! You have been the biggest support for me!

MyFitness had the greatest tools to work for your body and my boy teached me how to use different machines. It has been so much fun to work out together. :)
I know that I am on the right track.


  1. I think your body is amazing! Keep going, girl :)

  2. Väga mõnus postitus! Sooviksin ka küsida, et kuidas sa täpsemalt ennast treenid? Kas kasutad ainult jõusaali või käid ka rühmatreeningutel? Kuidas alustad trenniga, kuidas teed soojendust ja kuidas täpselt paned omale trennikava kokku? Võiksid teha eraldi pika postituse, kuidas treenid!! :) Ei pea silmas mingeid trennikavasid aga rohkem näiteks seda, et kuidas soojendad ja venitad jnejne :)




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