Apr 11, 2016


Some of the Insta shots from this week! Make sure you follow me on @itij for the newest updates!

I am having the best weekends in my Tartu home and I have less than two weeks to go before I finally move there. I love to wake up early and cook a healthy oatmeal with fruits and seeds .

From the first pics you can see my newest lipstick in blue. I went to the MAC booth when the girl working there instantly put this matte blue lipstick under my nose. My reaction was pretty much - ''yep, try this on me, I have to have it!''

I also got my teeth whitened this week @ Heleni ilustuudio. It was a lot comfier than my first experience with photo whitening. Oooh, btw,  you can use code ''Iti30'' to get 30% off from your whitening session! Just to let you guys know! Also, for the men out there - don't be afraid to go through that session as well! Bright smile might win some hearts out there you know!
In my new apartment, my most favorite thing is our new kitchen. There is plenty of room for me and my boyfriend to cook together. I also tested my own recipe cake on the cheat day that turned out so yummy!!

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  1. Anonymous4/14/2016

    Millal küsimustele vastamise teed? :)