Jan 23, 2017


So it's official! We just bought our tickets to USA with Anete and we are heading out next Tuesday!! I can't even tell you how exited I am as it's my first time there. I've been dreaming about this trip since I was really young. Also I am so-so happy that Anete is there with me and she has been there couple of times before. 

Our roadtrip will go to NYC and Miami & Jacksonville for Grete's wedding! It's going to be amazing, I'm so sure of it. I can't wait to see her on her wedding day. We could have never though our lives would go that way. I remember sooo clearly us at Pärnu ( while I still lived there ), every day chilling around and really trying to figure out what we should do next. Some really crazy ideas came up but not that crazy! :D Life is awesome and so strange at the same time.
Pics in the middle from Pinterest

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