Feb 3, 2017


We had a great day! I saw so much today with Anete and some of her friends- we visited one of her Estonian friends living in NY and we went to her rooftop for a better view. It was amazing out there! Right after eating these healthy muffins she baked us, we headed near the Brooklyn bridge to meet up with Julian who is a photographer as well. So we did some plans with our photoshoot but we searched for our spot from a wrong place. It was still awesome and we had a great time. :D

Anyhow, after that me and Anete headed to Times Square and did some shopping again over there. This time, it was a successful one. Yay!

I'm wearing:

Beanie - Gina Tricot   /   Shirt - thrift store   /   Pants - H&M   /   Jacket  - Julian's   /   Watch - Prosawood 
Pictures - Anete Palmik 
Edit - me 

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