May 30, 2017


I am more than happy to say this - festival season is about to start! I can NOT wait for these upcoming events and for me, Positivus is one of the most exiting ones for sure! I was visiting Positivus15 and I couldn't go last year as I was roadtripping in Norway. I am so gonna fix this tradition and head to Latvia for this years Positivus. :) Have you seen their lineup? I am way too exited for Alt-J, The Lumineers &  of course Ellie Goulding.Are you planning to come? Let's meet for sure!! :) 

Here are some pics from Positivus 15. I was literally crying when Jungle hit the stage. Their songs  are always in my playlist when I am super inspired. 

SEEYA in Salacgrīva from 14th to 16th of July! <3
Pics with artists on them are not mine. :)

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