Jun 19, 2017


Another weekend gone by and this time I took my time out from any pictures & blogging. Don't get me wrong, I love it so much, but just had an amazing time relaxing by the Peipsi lake. This weekend is going to be amazing. We are heading to Paris with Raido as a good weekend getaway! I mean, I didn't even kind-of think about it until today. Do you know from where we can get a good rental car? Let me know!!

If weather tomorrow will be good, we'll drive to Tallinn to spend some hours on the sea with this amazing yacht. So exited for that one as well.

Here's my today's look:

Top - Reserved    /    Knit  - Reserved    /    Sneakers - Nike SB    /    Bag - Reserved    /    Sunnies - BikBok  

Pictures - Raido Prosa 
Edit - Me

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