Jun 21, 2017


How are you guys doing? What are you up to? Any awesome plans for the summer that you'd like to share with everybody? :) Sadly we had to cancel our yacht trip yesterday as the weather wasn't too good. Luckily we got to book it onto next week. It's going to be good night for sure!! 

Tomorrow is going to be soooo exiting -we have to pack our suitcases for Paris. We'll stay there only for four days but it's sure worth it. We have never been to France before. :) We have some good plans but we still have so many things to do. Have to find a good place to rent a car as I probably stay on my feet for all day long ( maybe you can suggest good car rental-places? ). 

Oh and btw, today I died my hair ''rose gold'' again. I looooved it last time but it faded away kind quickly. I think it's perfect for the summer so I just had to get it back. I'll make sure to share some pics soon!


  1. Anonymous6/21/2017

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  2. Anonymous6/22/2017

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  3. Kust seda NIKE joppi saaks? :)