Jun 24, 2017


We made it to Paris. Got here with AirBaltic and our trip was way too comfy. :) Got here last night and we still had some time to explore around near our hotel. I hope you all had an amazing midsummer celebrations. I saw all the pictures of those campfires we missed with Raido. Hopefully we are going to have our own when we get back to Estonia. So now we'll stay here for four days to enjoy this amazing city and explore around. 

Today we did some sightseeing around here and saw all these places we had seen on movies and everything. Looooveeely! :)  

OOHHH, and there was gay parade taking place in the city today. It was so huge but so much fun. Felt like a party. People were dancing and celebrating. I'm so sad that I didn't take my camera out, haha. :D

I'm wearing:
Sunnies - H&M  /  T-shirt - H&M  /  Sneakers - Nike (Ülemiste esinduskauplus)  /  Shorts - Reserved (click) /  Hat - H&M

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  1. Vauuuu!! Ma just sirvisin enda kunagist Pariisi postitust ja vlogi ja sain äkitselt aru, et ma olin peaaegu ära unustanud, et ma olen selles imekaunis linnas kunagi käinud!