Jul 12, 2017


I just read this amazing book and there was a sentence that I've heard before and probably you all have heard before.. but sometimes we just have to remind ourselves these things. And it goes like this: If you really want your life to change for the good, stop doing what you have always been doing. Stop choosing that 'safe path', choose to do something differently (even if it's a tiny change). It WILL give you different results, better results. Why we really don't do that is because we are afraid to fail but actually being afraid to fail is the only thing stopping us. Whatever it is we want to achieve. One day you are going to thank yourself for taking this step. 

So to make it more clear.. if we keep doing what we are doing, we keep getting what we are always getting. Simple as that. 

Go on an adventure, take a roadtrip, call that guy out, just register that company - do whatever you always wanted to do. Your excuses are just fear and fear is unnecessary . Start now!