Aug 30, 2017


Today was seriously unreal. I had the best time with my friends and family and with industrious people that keep inspiring me. On my way back home I was literally smiling and feeling so happy to have all these people around me. 

It actually started with visiting my doctor because of my cute little knees. After that I had some time to stay with my mom and dad. Couple of hours later my sweetest friend Leane came to pick me up and we headed to Tallinn. I am so happy she spent this day with me. 

After our arrival we got together with Triinu (always getting tons of positive vibes from her). We took some photos and talked about blogging and our secret projects and so on... I love these conversations. Always gets my motivation level up high! :)

Star of tonight was of course NYX store opening. Official opening will take place on 31th of August and I really hope you can go and check it out @ Ülemiste shopping centre. They have so much stuff to choose from and it's really affordable makeup in good quality I believe.  
Anyway - we had the best time at the event! I was so happy to see all my fellow-bloggers and meet tons of new ones(new for me) as well. Positive vibes all over the place!

Check out some of my quick snaps:
That doughnut wall tho, what a great idea, haha! 

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