Aug 14, 2017


Heeyya! Another good day! I visited my parents today and was again enjoying my mom's amazing garden bits. Loved it. 

On another NOTE - whenever I get an inspired idea or something I need to write it up to remember them. Usually  I am typing them into my mobile phone. But these notes get really messed up and I usually end up losing and forgetting. 
Then few days ago I saw a video on Youtube by one of my favourite Zoella, who introduced her new lifestyle range. She also had couple of new notebook designs to present. Then she mentioned that it is so nice to have different notebooks for different topics & stuff. So I kind of realised that I need to get some lovely notebooks and each notebook for different subject. One for my blog ideas, one for my brand ideas, one for some good thoughts & quotes. So smart and lovely thing to have in my home office. And I mean, look at them! What a fancy design. 
Pics from my phone

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