Oct 8, 2017


Tomorrow is my birthday and I am turning 23! Definitely don't feel like 23, maybe more like 19. :) On Friday I had my sweeeet family here in Tartu and we had the best time together. I wasn't sure when I was going to celebrate and it was a late decision to celebrate on Friday. I even invited some people on Friday morning and than I ran off to do some shopping.. . So I baked whole day and I was actually having so much fun with this tiny pressure to get everything done. :D And I managed! Whoa.

Tomorrow heading off to my parents place and actually going to see my doctor as I got one of my birthmarks removed. Now have to get these threads out.  I have nothing much planned for my birthday.. I mean maybe I should do a big party next year or something. I remember it clearly - when I was smaller I could not understand why some people don't celebrate their big day...

Today was kind of fun. We planned to stay home to get some important things done but instead drove off for another road trip. I am wearing my new fav warm jacket from RESERVED web store. It's actually a lot warmer than I expected. 

I'm wearing:
Leggings - H&M       /     Hat - Zara      /      Jacket - RESERVED      /      Watch - Prosawood 

Still 22 ;P

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