Oct 21, 2017


TODAY WAS EPIC!! I mean, we wanted to go to the mountains while here in Zurich but when we started to buy our tickets for the train today, it turned out to be more than 400€ just for the tickets. We almost gave up but Raido was pushing us to still go SOMEwhere. So we randomly googled some places while at the train station and he found this mountain that was half the price to visit. We really didn't think much out of it at first.

It turned out to be more than epic and I can truly say it was one of my favourite mountain experiences so far.. Here is a little sneak peek of heading up there. WOW just wow!
We also had the most amazing restaurant visit on our way up. It was like a little platform with an amazing view.

I'm wearing:

Top - Patagonia ( Junkyard )  /  Jeans - Junkyard  ( SO perfect skinny jeans ) /  Jacket - Vans ( Junkyard )  /  Sunnies - Prosawood

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