Jan 26, 2018


On Tuesday we got back to Estonia. Sadly we couldn't go anywhere during our days in Austria due to this crazy snowy weather. All mountains were closed because of the wind and snow so we only got to explore the city. On our third day we didn't feel so good and were mostly in our hotel room. Looking from the bright side - thanks to that we had loads of time to do a proper research about different locations. Now we know what to visit when returning to Austria. There is so much to see!

Best part of this trip was definitely our flights with AirBaltic. I really think that they have the loveliest staff on board. As we were flying back to Estonia, I had a fever and didn't feel too good. Staff brought me an extra blanket and tons of hot tea. :) So our flight went super smoothly. 

If I look back all the times we've been flying with them, I can also say that they do serve the most tasty fresh food! If you are not usually including a meal with your flight, it's totally worth to do so next time!! 

Psst, tons of great offers available! Book yours here! :)

Our route was Riga -> Salzburg, train from Salzburg-> Vienna and headed home with Vienna->Riga flight. 

Pictures are taken with Raido's new GoPro Hero 6 that we are currently testing. Doesn't work too good on low light but doing perfect on a bright day. :)

Flying with AirBaltic / Plane pic by Raido

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