Jan 22, 2018


We'll I would have never thought this day would turn out like this. We took a bus to Germany actually ( It's really close - we drove about half an hour ). We really wanted to visit a place we've seen online several times before, but as we got closer, it started to snow really heavily. The ferry we wanted to take didn't work due to the snow. So we just explored the area. Mountains were there but covered with fog and snow. :D Fair enough. Then we decided to head back to Austria - maybe we will have a bit better weather there.

Right after we got back to Salzburg, clouds started to fade away and it soon stopped snowing. We visited this huge fortress and saw the most amazing view from there! I'll add some pics soon. We got back to our hotel super tired but happy. It was really successful and exiting day.
Oooh, I loved this bit of Germany so much! I've never been there before so it was really exiting to see all these cute houses and cabins there.

I'm wearing:

Knit - H&M        /        Pants - Asos        /        Hat  - Asos  

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