Oct 3, 2018


Allright. So some roadtrips are pretty good but this one was amazing! Kauna and Mihkel invited us to go explore outside of NewYork. Just a bit more than hour drive we got to our first location - pumpkin farm. If was so cute and so much fun! We took some photos and had a good time exploring around. I had seen these places on some other blogs and maybe movies and it always looked so ''wonderful''. And it was - time well spent! After that we drove off to see the ocean and enjoy this sunny day. I was like a little kid looking out from the car window - so many beautiful farms and houses and gardens. I loved it! When NY is always crowded and usually doesn't smell too good, this place was the exact opposite. 
After some time on beach, we headed off to visit local famous vineyard. In the middle of grapefruit fields, there was a lovely area for picnic to enjoy their wine and ciders. Our day ended with a proper American burger at this local restaurant. SO good!

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