Sep 20, 2019


Long time no blogpost. I have way too much 'longer talk' to share here but I am currently decorating my new home ( I moved  from Tartu back to Tallinn )so this will be the main topic for the next few posts here. Today I wanted to share my finds from H&M Home. After visiting Morocco I was so in love with all the colors & the vibe so I changed my home thoughts from modern/minimal to this. As the apartment originally is  rather  modern,  I kind of have  to combine these two.

From H&M home I found my perfect kitchen items, bedroom sets and some other bits and pieces for the whole apartment to fit my home perfectly. It was truly hard to choose because.. fun fact, I've been dreaming on decorating my own home since I was little so I didn't want to mess anything up ( by picking items that don't actually match ).

I need so much more  furniture - receiving some this weekend. After this, I need to go shopping for the bed frame aaand couple of chairs.  If you have any good tips on these ones, let me know!

Btw, the hand wash product I am holding on one photo has now been my favourite for years. It's also from H&M and it's organic in white tea and peppermint scent. It smells like white tic-tac ( I actually seriously would love to have this in perfume form, haha  ).

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