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How are you doing?  :)

I am so exited and happy that you are reading this so we can finally get to know each other even better.

My full name is Iti-Pätrik ( Yes, my second name is boy-name ). My mom thought I was going to be a baby boy but turned out to be a girl instead. As she is super artistic and don't care much about others opinion or anything, my lovely mom and dad still used that name on me. Got nagged because of it when I was younger but now super pleased. 

I was born in Tallinn, Estonia and I lived there for 10 years. I was an artistic kid with great ideas flowing trough my mind. I have had entrepreneurial mindset for as long as I can remember. 
When I went to the 4th grade, me and my family moved to Türi witch is a small town located in the heart of this small country. It wasn't an easy task for me. We weren't the ''rich'' ones so I was really struggling with my clothes and looks and everything. It was kind of all I could think of at that time. As I was a kid with ''head in the clouds'', school was kind-of rocky. I wasn't the greatest student and I sure had tons of bad grades mixed with the good ones. Of course I had my favourite subjects - biology, history of art (super exiting to listen) and mayybe English. Maybe it was because of the teachers. Not sure. :D 

I started blogging at the age of 12. I didn't feel like I had the greatest childhood so I really felt like doing something awesome would make it better for me. I was following several Finnish bloggers at that time and I was amazed by their life and great moments. So without anything or doing any ''awesome'' stuff, I still somehow managed to start blogging. Luckily I had many people around me who shared my interest in taking photos or starting blogging as well. It helped me a lot at that time. :)

After I graduated high school, I moved to Pärnu with my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend). I feel like it was one cooool period! I was young and stupid but it was still awesome. World started to work for me and Pärnu ( summer capital of Estonia ) was for sure a cool place to start your own life. I had the best friends there but was way too stupid to appreciate these things at that time. I was sometimes seeing more bad in people than good and that was my biggest struggle. 

After a year or so, I felt like this place will be way too small for me and my blogging and photoshoots and so on. I had just returned from Finland ( I lived there for couple of months to learn my new job as an Visual Merchandiser). Sooo after that we decided to move to Tallinn.  

Tallinn is a nice place with it's amazing old-town and everything but it didn't really feel like me. After meeting my new boyfriend from Tartu, I decided to move there instead. I kind of like this place and now I started to find peace inside thanks to this whole new world - books, people & mindset.  I feel like everything I have experienced so far in my life, will help me to achieve everything I have ever dreamed about. It already has.

 It has prepared me for these amazing moments and days and taught me how to appreciate. 

I am currently working with my own brand. It is amazing- It represents who I am and what am I standing for today - to feel good, to be confident with who you are. Only with being yourself, you can achieve great things . It's true. And I have just learned how to enjoy this fact! 

Great things are here!

I am really thankful for all of my readers who have stayed with me for so long ( and of COURSE super exited about my new readers as we have so much to share in the future ). :) Love you!!! 

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